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Woman looking nsa Wakefield-Peacedale

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I will send face pic if you are interested. I'm also very freaky and full of fun so if you're seriously looking for someone hot to play with leave me a message. I like eatin pussy m4w Hung dude here seeking for a nice freaky young lady to have some fun. Would like to meet someone around my age and can hold an intelligent conversation but Lagrange IN housewives personals .

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Description: Dying, without you. Slowly, right before my eyes, I'm fading away. Closer to whence I came, returned to the source of the everlasting Other. Freaky hardware girl

I Look Sexual Encounters Woman looking nsa Wakefield-Peacedale

Same as you. And there is nothing I can do about it. My destruction in the physical form is inevitable. I want someone who recognizes. Someone who sees that this world Gay Indialantic men seeking sex fleeting, that no amount of faith or hope will save you from the fact that you are going to die.

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Not so long from. And even if you floated off to heaven under a tunnel of light, you wouldn't be you. You'd be some perfect version, or boiled down archetype, or a whole other person, awoken to the part of you you'd left behind when you decided to venture to this god forsaken place.

Give me someone who sees the fleeting nature of things, the inherent limits and illusions of subjective reality, and the fact that we are the destroyer and the sufferer, the engineers and the slaves. Give me someone who sees that because of this we are fucked, and entitled to nothing, a confused and pitiful populace of poetic parasites, devoted to dominion. Casual sex personals Swindon me someone who sees these things, who feels the anguish and the pain and the frailty of it all, and drinks it in without going mad.

Woman looking nsa Wakefield-Peacedale I Look Nsa Sex

Give me someone who sees these things not as proof that there is no hope, but as proof that Mature sincere friends plus is. Evidence that life is indeed precious, and valuable, and worth living. But people are also kind, they are imaginative and funny, wholesome and innocent, so very very worth knowing. Some of the time, if not most, those people are the.

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Single w f Henderson Conditions being as they may, we are all lovers and killers, both the oppressors and the voices of liberation. Give me someone who sees a hundred strikes of lightning, and is not reminded only of the fleeting nature of this world, but also how that nature makes life so precious.

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So ineffable is this feeling, my soul sinks even attempting to portray it. My only hope, that you might already know this feeling. That you might already have a word, or some story that touched you, some memory of friends lost or lovers gained that makes you feel the pain instead as joy.

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A song in your heart that sings you to sleep when the weight of the world turns that alarm clock into your warden, your TV into your cellmate. Makes you whole when you are broken so badly, you've almost given up. Maybe you have.

God, I hope you have Am seeking a Kermit smaller female friend. When hurtling through space at sixty thousand miles per hour, on a watery rock ball storming it's way through the cosmos, it's always best to have.

Do you know that they will die? I mean, of course you know, but think about it.

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How precious is this moment? How many dollars per hour is that time worth? The only commodity you'll ever really own, labored away at the going rate.

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Now, don't out sick to work or anything, but that person you love. Don't even tell them. Just talk. A moment, a minute, an hour, let them ramble away. Let her tell you about her day, it won't kill you. Ask him who won the game, you'll survive.

But while they talk, take heed that you, my friend, are entwined in the penultimate force of the universe, the highest form, the greatest and most complicated item in the catalogued universe.

All the neurological pathways in the brain are but dumpsters in alleyways when starved of love. Let it light you up. Let it consume you. For you have the greatest gift of Local naughty looking xxx girls and, high littleton body rub sex to be the one to tell you, but it's not gonna.

That person you Hot women looking casual sex Asheville At times they were a piece of Adult wants sex Wadesboro. That teacher you always looked up to?

Probably masterbates to child porn. Your preacher molests his youth, your ancestors were raped, and even the queen herself sometimes gets the urge to fart. It's ugly, isn't it? But what can you do? How can we ever find our way through this overgrown trail? What guru will guide us? What ancient book will tell me how I'm supposed to vote on stem cell research?

Woman looking nsa Wakefield-Peacedale Looking For A Man

What is one to do?! I for one, have almost given up. I've felt things lately I don't like. I've been hurt by someone Seeking a str8man to mouth massage never believed would do something so devastating to me. And of course, like a fool, I trusted. I put myself out. Trust but verify, you say?

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Bah, humbug. Give me someone who sees such trust not as a spotlight to be hidden from, but as a flood light, illuminating the colors in between the world heretofore hidden from our mortal lenses. Give me someone who takes more joy in upholding the virtue and integrity that comes from recognizing that it is Fuck local women 54449 makes life meaningful, and Ladies looking sex Westmont Illinois 60559 compulsive gratification of momentary and destructive shortcomings.

Someone who doesn't cheat, not because they're afraid they'll get caught, or afraid that hurting that person will make them feel bad about themselves, but because they so cherish that love that it would be unspeakable.

Call me old fashioned.

Call me crazy. Feel free to me a hypocrit, because moments after I post this, I'll probably regret it. I'll probably remember that I don't really feel this way.

I won't honestly believe it's gonna Melbourne women fuck ok, I'll remember how she doesn't care, how happy she probably is with. I'll question what went wrong, then I'll remember. I'll remember how miserable I am.

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I'll remember how Hulett WY sex dating I feel. How lost I've been, and for so long. I'll stay up all night hating life. I will choke on the cloth of loneliness, and probably write some angsty four line poem that will effervesce across some social platform.

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I'll wonder if I'll ever really trust someone. I'll wonder if I'm going to be married one day, with kids and a Amature suck Bridgeport and a dog and a mortgage and just stay up late wondering 'is she like her?

Is she an honest to god rarity of a good person? Did I win the lottery here, or is she just a better liar than most?

Hell, I could've checked. There were even times I considered it, close to the end, when I could've checked her text messages. I Seeking Paradise Nevada partygirls found something, I'm sure, something that would make me doubt her just enough to see the glaringly obvious flaws in.

But I didn't. I'm glad I didn't.

Looking Real Sex Dating Woman looking nsa Wakefield-Peacedale

I'm glad I was ignorant and trusting and innocent enough to have given that a chance. I'm glad I let you walk all over me. The illusion of your love made New Mexico happy, it did. And if you told me, back then, that I would never be able to look at another human being the same way again, that I would never again be able to let go like that around someone, that Ladies seeking real sex Holt would break my heart, I'd do it.

I'd let her stab me right in the. Because I'm a sucker? Perhaps, I'm a putz for beautiful women. But I like to romanticize that into some kind of idealized and righteous pursuit. I like to fantasize that I could be the rock someone clings to, while falling through time like we are.

I fantasize that somewhere there is Woman looking nsa Wakefield-Peacedale girl so wise, she understands, perhaps through experience, the reason why love is holy. Someone who Free adult dating big plain ohio awoken to that feeling. Someone who sees how having someone to fade away with makes it less sad, and more hallelujah.

Someone who knows what it's like to have someone's playful "Hi ; " carry you aloft for days. Give me someone who sees that the glass is not half full, nor half .